Your Podcast Is Long. Here’s A Easy Way To Make It Shorter & More Discoverable.

3 min readNov 24, 2021

Podcasts are hard to market because they are too long. When you make a 45–70min piece of content, it’s going to be hard to get people to consume it. This is not only because of the short attention spans consumers have, but also because of podcast distribution. Here’s why:

Short attention spans should technically be solved with audio content. The content does not need to be looked at, so it saves us time. This allows us to also multitask. This leads to more passive consumption of longer forms of content easily.

The problem here is around getting a RANDOM person (i.e a new potential fan of your podcast) to actually want to consume 45min+ of content. I mean, would you? If you didn’t know the creator, would you actually give up an hour of your life to them? Probably not.

Unless the content was something you were SEARCHING for (meaning you care deeply about the information) you likely wouldn’t listen to it. Even if you are searching, most people don’t want to search and find some 2hour long thing and then have to go through it to find the answer.

This is why podcast discovery on the big apps is broken for small creators. If you are small and you upload a podcast episode, it: — doesnt go into random people’s homefeeds (at all) — if it does, they get an hour long episode that is too much time to commit to.

What’s the answer? Clips of your podcast being distributed within an audio search engine. Imagine you did an interview with an Entrepreneur. Instead of uploading the hour long interview, what if you maximized the utility of it be repurposing it?

No, I don’t mean just cutting up some 30second audio grams and posting it on twitter and instagram (that no one has the patience to look at for 30 seconds) I mean actually finding the best moments of the podcast and making them their own pieces of audio content independently.

Imagine you take one interview and turn it into 5 clips: Here’s 2 example clip titles (avg. 7–15min) “How this startup founder almost went bankrupt” “How this startup founder sold their company for $10M” Okay, stay with me here…

If any of those two clips popped into my feed where I go to consume audio, I’d likely click on them. Why? — Short enough but not too short (7–15min, not 60 min or 60 sec) — Interesting title — I know im clicking on something specific to get value.

Ironically, I’d likely go check out the full pod if the clips gave me value. Boom. New fan. “But Amit, why can’t I post clips on spotify/apple?” Oh, you can. It’s just that they go no where, lol. You need to post clips of audio in a search engine for audio.

That search engine for audio can now take the keywords like “bankrupt,” “startup founder,” “million” and actually algorithmically target it to people looking for that stuff. That search engine doesn’t exist for audio, which is why we built Audea.

This is why we built Audea — we want to fundamentally change how audio content is discovered and distributed, to actually bring discovery to audio at scale.

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Amit Kukreja is the cofounder/ceo of Audea — a new platform to get audio-ideas discovered at scale. You can find him on twitter here & email him at