What YouTube Does For Content, Podcasting Platforms Simply Can’t Do

2 min readNov 24, 2021

I had 11 subscribers on YouTube last week. Today I have 300. In one week. This is not going to be thread on growing on YouTube, it’s rather a thread on why this same system of growth HAS TO exist for audio content and podcasts. Here’s Why:

So I recently made a video on YouTube on my business channel. This is the channel where I talk about stocks, investing, finance, etc. The video began to blow up. And I knew it would. I had a plan around this to really test my hypothesis, and it worked.

I had been unsuccessful posting on youtube for a couple months before I really realized what the platform cares about. Simple enough, it cares about a video that's good enough to answer what people are searching for and care about. So that's what I gave it. Boom.

The algorithm picked up my video, I followed up with another 5–6 videos that week, and now I’m growing my YouTube Channel. Imagine if this same system existed for audio content…Imagine how many creators would actually be able to build an audience?

What audio platforms need is what a platform like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. have: the ability for an algorithm to pick up content. This doesn’t happen on RSS-supported platforms. This only happens on centralized aggregators of content that can curate content.

Imagine if you were into Movie Reviews, and you could upload a piece of audio content about a new movie everyday into a platform that would use the KEYWORDS around your content and find the right people to put it infront of. This exists for video, photos, and text. Not Audio.

This is part of the main reason around why podcasting is so difficult to build an audience around. Your audio content is just going into an RSS feed → not being targeted against people who would actually click on it (like YouTube does with videos)

I had a specific keyword I was targeting on my YouTube video. I had a feeling it would get recommended. When it did, this random nobody got the attention of 10,000 people (my views last week) on an unknown channel. It’s literally digital magic. And it doesn’t exist for audio.

This is why we built Audea — we want to fundamentally change how audio content is discovered and distributed, to actually bring discovery to audio at scale.

You can check out Audea’s website here.

Our App is here: https://apple.co/3CbQwZE

Amit Kukreja is the cofounder/ceo of Audea — a new platform to get audio-ideas discovered at scale. You can find him on twitter here & email him at amit@audea.io